Payments - 16 Insurance

Newman, Oliver & McCarten We want to make paying your insurance invoice a quick and easy process.   Make sure you are paying money towards an HTM Insurance Company invoice.  If you have an invoice from us or it has another insurance company name on it, you cannot use this payment option.  For help in using our on-line credit card system, please contact our office.

You will be asked for your name twice (sorry for the inconvenience).  On this screen, it's the name on your insurance policy we want.  On the next screen, it will be the name on your credit card. If your insurance policy is in the business name only or numbered company, just split the name up between the first and last name fields.

Thank you for choosing Newman Insurance  ..."Where clients send their friends".

Insurance Information

Enter the name shown on your policy
The e-mail address provided will only used to confirm payment status via email receipt.

Policy Information

Enter each policy number and how much you want to pay towards it (Canadian Funds).
Use the "ADD" button if you have more than one policy. To remove a row that was added in error or to clear information from the first payment line, click the "REMOVE" button.

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