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  • Dec3Wed

    Food Bank Donation

    December 3, 2014
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    Like clockwork HTM Insurance answers a need that often goes unnoticed. Fare Share Food Banks of Northumberland received a gift of 300lbs of meat, but not any meat. Bruce Buttar, 2nd Vice Chair with HTM dropped off steaks, roasts and ground beef from the “Prized Steer” from the Roseneath Fair.

    “Five years ago, when I got involved with Fare Share, the board was deliberating whether or not it could afford to purchase enough chickens to accommodate food bank recipients for Christmas”, say Peter Gabany, Communications Director at Fare Share, “but today, with the help of the folks at HTM Insurance we are coming to the table with more meat”. The bank rarely receives meat to be distributed and it is hard to believe that not only are people hungry they rarely take part in a meal that contains meat.

    “It’s wonderful to see how the faces of food bank recipients change when they know that they will receive some meat to supplement what we distribute”, says Duncan Mackinnon, Fare Share’s Executive Director.

    HTM’s website proudly displays the phrase “You’re with family”. Their understanding of how family and farm values can lift the spirits of the poor is echoed with their repeated generosity. “We’ve checked our records and HTM Insurance regularly contributes packaged beef to be distributed amongst our client recipients” Gabany says, “this annual gift will make it to people’s table once again”.

    There are a number of food drives held in Cobourg and Port Hope but if a significant donation like that of HTM Insurance is in the offing Fare Share asks that you contact them directly. Anyone can donate online through the Food Banks’ website -