2022 Annual and Special General Meeting

TAKE NOTICE that an Annual and Special General Meeting of the Members of Hamilton TownshipMutual Insurance Company will be held at Best Western Inn & Convention Centre, 930 Burnham St.,Cobourg, Ontario on the 12th day of March, 2022 at the hour of 11 am, for the purposes of:

  • Receiving the Chairman’s opening remarks
  • Receiving and approving the Minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting
  • Receiving the 2021 Annual Financial Statement and Auditors’ Report
  • To consider and if thought fit, to adopt, with such amendment as may be made at the meeting, the following amendments to section 61 of the Company’s By-law #4, passed by the Board of Directors January 20th, 2022:
    It is moved that section 61 of By-law 4 be deleted and replaced with the following:
    • The Directors may, subject to the applicable legislation, declare a refund at the end of a fiscal year upon such terms and subject to such conditions as the Directors may determine.
  • Members will be provided with the text of the amendments upon request
  • Electing three Directors for a three year term. Directors whose terms will expire are Trish Baird, Richard Barrett and Susan Treverton each of whom are eligible to be re-elected and have been nominated for re-election in accordance with the Company’s By-laws.
  • Receiving the report of the President
  • Appointment of auditors for the year 2022
  • Transacting any other business that may properly be brought before the meeting
Based on current Government of Ontario regulations, we will be able to hold our Annual General Meeting in person. The virtual meeting will be utilized as backup pending any future government mandated shutdown. *Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination is required for entry*

Policyholders may obtain a copy of the Company's Annual Statement by:

  • Attending the Head Office of the Company during normal business hours;
  • Contacting the Head office of the Company no later than 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting and requesting a copy be mailed
  • Viewing them here: Financial Statements

Register Online

Policy holders wishing to attend the Meeting can register online through the link below prior to March 1st, 2022

Register Here

Other ways to register

Email: reception[at]htminsurance.ca
Phone: 1-800-263-3935